Nervous Patients

Nervous Patients

As experienced dentists, we treat a wide range of patients from small children to the elderly, and everyone in between.
We understand that going to the dentist, for either a routine check-up or a longer more complex procedure like dental implants, can be daunting for many. In fact, a huge 50% of the UK population admit to having some sort of fear or apprehension around seeing their dentist. That’s around 30 million people, just in the UK.

Dentophobia is the name given to the phobia of the dentist or dental treatment, which can range from mild nerves to chronic anxiety. Some even avoid coming to the dentist completely, which unfortunately can cause more / longer visits in the future and be detrimental to the person’s oral and mental health alike.

We are extensively trained and experienced in dealing with nervous patients of all degrees, and we will always strive to make you feel welcome, at ease, assured and as informed as possible.
We will always endeavour to use minimally invasive, and often pain free procedures where possible, and our Dentists and staff alike, are gentle, comforting and calm, in order to guide you through your treatment with us.

We can also offer longer appointments to perform multiple treatments at the same time, meaning less trips to see us, and therefore less anxiety, and we will always go at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

For those who suffer so severely that they can’t even bring themselves to come in, don’t despair. We now offer sedation dentistry options that can help you get through it, so your oral health won’t suffer due to your phobia.
Why not give us a call and let us know that you are a nervous patient, and we can discuss the best route of options for your needs.

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