Finance Options

Finance Options

At North Leeds Dental we wholly believe in preventative dentistry; preserving and maintaining your natural teeth and your oral health at the highest level, to prevent future issues and oral diseases.
Unfortunately, many people suffer with physical pain or discomfort in their teeth and mouths, or lack of self-esteem and confidence due to dental concerns that they can’t afford to fix.

We think dental treatments should be financially accessible to all, which is why we offer great dental treatment plans and finance options that are broken down into affordable payments, including 0% interest finance for those eligible too.

Not only are we experts in general dentistry like fillings, tooth extractions, crowns and root canals, but we also specialise in cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening with boutique whitening, teeth straightening with Invisalign or Smilefast, dental implants, veneers and more!
We provide complete smile makeovers to improve your oral health as well as your confidence and offer complimentary consultations for diagnosis and results that are tailored to you.

Whether you’re considering a cosmetic procedure or routine dentistry, we want to ensure that your financial situation is not holding you back or causing you long-term issues that can’t be repaired later down the line.
If you’ve been putting off necessary dental treatment due to finances, need an unexpected, emergency procedure, or yearn for straighter, whiter teeth to help with smile confidence, please put your oral and mental health first and give us a call.

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What is 0% finance?

0% finance means you are able to borrow money to pay for the cost of your treatment, but there is no interest on the loan amount. Meaning you only pay for the treatment itself, over an agreed period of time.

What treatments qualify for 0% finance?

We offer 0% finance options on all treatments above £300, fixed over an agreed amount of time and monthly payments.

What amount can I borrow?

This is all dependent on your personal credit file, but we can discuss all options available to you individually.

How do I apply?

We work alongside a 3rd party lender who will issue you with their full terms and conditions before you enter into an agreement, and give you a quick, transparent decision. We will assist you with the application process.

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