An Invisalign patient journey

Our patient came to us with concerns about her teeth, in particular, how crooked they were.

This is the start of the INVISALIGN journey using the ITERO SMART 3D SCANNER.

After an examination, the patient is keen to see how dramatic the results can be, and so by taking photos of her teeth, we were able to capture images of her smile, to understand how Invisalign aligners could help. A kind of ‘before and after’ look at the teeth profile, using the ITERO 3D Scanner.

The cutting-edge scanner takes many scans of your teeth per second, allowing incredibly precise models of your current dentation, which then also creates a map of the mouth in preparation for improvements to bite and smile. It then shows a predicted result to show you what can be achieved using the clear aligners.

Fixed braces and wires have been replaced with the revolutionary Invisalign clear aligner, which is discrete, less irritating and can be removed to eat or brush teeth. Rather than the traditional system of brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a series of transparent “trays”, perfectly moulded to fit our patients teeth, and can achieve dramatic straightening results in as little as 6 months.

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